Our Process

Everything about the way we make Beep is designed to bring you closer to the benefits of natural nutrition.

5 steps to the best tasting, most nutritious juice


We select high-grade fresh fruits and veg from reliable suppliers


Ingredients enter our state-of-the-art cold-pressed juicery, are washed and processed in a cold environment.


We cold-press then bottle the juice without any artificial additives or even added water.


High Pressure Processing (HPP) is used which inactivates bacteria without compromising the nutrition or taste.


Juice is distributed through our cold storage network for you to enjoy the finest, natural Beep nutrition and taste.


Since we never add any artificial additives, never use concentrates or add salt or sugar, the quality of the raw ingredients we use to make Beep is especially important. We take advantage of the indigenous South-East Asian ingredients such as the vegetable Centella (which has been proven to reduce stress) and Gac fruit which has 70 times the lycopene content of tomatoes.

We endeavor to source locally wherever possible. This is easy for indigenous tropical fruits such as mangos, pineapple and papaya. When we need to import, we prioritize quality, reliable partners, for example our apples are imported from New Zealand.