Re-You Program

Balancing and recovering your body for the healthier you with BEEP Re-You Program.

  • Rebalancing - Balance the body for both metabolic, digestive, and excretory system.
  • Recovering - Strengthen and improve the body's immune system for both respiratory system and allergies.
  • Refreshing - Prepare your body to be health and refreshed. Nourish the eyes and skin
If you have a poor digestive system and aren’t getting enough sleep our Re-you Program might be able to help. This program was created by the 3-RE concept that will help you rebalance yourself and become healthier you without skipping food.
  • Developed by nutritionist
  • No need to skip meal
7 days cleanse program (5 bottles/ day)
  • Free delivery
  • Free BEEP cooler bag


  • Ginger Shot × 4

    After Breakfast

  • Ginger Sunrise Shot × 3

    After Breakfast

  • Mangosteen Shot × 7

    Late Morning / Before Breakfast

  • Beauty Shot × 7

    Before Lunch

  • Healing Shot × 7

    After Dinner

  • Reboot Shot × 7

    Before Sleep

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